A Thousand Arms Music is a boutique independent record label located in Bozeman, Montana, aimed at producing and releasing high-quality records from hard working, dedicated bands.  With a strict focus on artist expression as well as pushing the boundaries of genre normalcy, A Thousand Arms Music strives to reimagine the typical music release by encouraging both our bands and their fanbase to experience the physical format in an entirely new way. 



dunk!USA is an American post-rock music festival founded by the creators of dunk!festival in Belgium and co-organized by A Thousand Arms.   The festival mimics the European edition's ethos that is driven by a deep passion for instrumentally-focused music, hard work, and the desire to showcase bands of all calibers in an effort to bring great entertainment to the dedicated fanbase of the genre.




A Thousand Arms specializes in high-quality screen-printing on both apparel and flat-stock mediums.  Whether your band is in need of tour merchandise or show posters or your business is in search of a new line of branded apparel, we have the tools and experience to help you achieve your printing needs.  Please review the Printing Quote Guidelines below and then email us to get started on your next print project. 

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Design services for A Thousand Arms are facilitated in-house by L U X I N V I C T U S, an artist working primarily in the medium of collage-based digital artwork for print-specific projects, but also offering photography and video services where applicable.


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A Thousand Arms provides online fulfillment for bands, artists, and record labels who want to provide their fanbase with exceptional products and customer service but don't have the time nor resources to do so.  A curated and maintained web store and a shipping and handling process that insures products arrive in perfect condition, allows for an extraordinary shopping experience for your fanbase.  Whether you're an international band looking to grow your American merch presence or an American record label in need of a fulfillment partner, A Thousand Arms is built to provide top end products with unparalleled service.

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A Thousand Arms offers a solution for domestic and international record labels and bands looking to introduce their music to the American market.  Almost all distribution deals are built on a consignment structure but we are always open to discuss unique partnerships to help you improve your product reach into North America.

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As a company founded on and designed for music, A Thousand Arms provides audio production and audio mixing for bands and/or musicians looking for an alternative approach to their art.  With over 15 years of engineering and mixing experience, A Thousand Arms can help take your project to the next level.  Our audio engineers are professionally certified in Pro Tools and have the necessary skills to maximize the effectiveness of your music and provide you with exceptional audio mixes. 

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