HASHSHASHIN - nihsahshsaH [LP] (pre-order)
HASHSHASHIN - nihsahshsaH [LP] (pre-order)
HASHSHASHIN - nihsahshsaH [LP] (pre-order)

HASHSHASHIN - nihsahshsaH [LP] (pre-order)

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nihsahshsaH by Hashshashin releases October 11th, 2016 by Art As Catharsis.

180g Desert Sand Vinyl.

Hashshashin are a Sydney trio blending meditative Eastern sounds with drone, prog and psychedelia. 

To celebrate the five year anniversary of nihsahshsaH, Art As Catharsis are offering a limited edition deluxe repress of Hashshashin's debut. Beautiful desert sand vinyl in a gatefold jacket, limited to 300 copies. Pressed by dunk!pressing. Artwork by Sam Harwood.

“(Hashshashin’s) music is powerful and muscular and ranges from full on psychedelic rock-outs to fully hypnotising drone. Often ragged and cathartic, this is, in its own way, soul music, music that taps into a primal, tribal, part of our consciousness that we, in our too comfortable Western civilisation, rarely draw from.” 

- Echoes And Dust

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