Hometown: Αθήνα, Greece

Careful not to separate themselves from the core concept of their newest record Home, we.own.the.sky was determined to build their album entirely from within, to most accurately translate the creative impetus and sonic aesthetic that best represents what is home for them. Recording in DIY fashion in their own studio, with engineering and mixing by guitarist Dimitris Radis and mastering by long-time collaborator Alex Ketenjian, no outside hands were involved, producing deeply personal songs that reveal a dynamic, evolving and decisive musical statement. Exploring a widely ranging assemblage of tones, textures, moods and styles, we.own.the.sky presents countless avenues for listeners to explore varying interpretations of their thematic prompts. Their musical diversity is an integral element not to be understated; the band surveys the post-rock palette with a wide scope, bringing in elements from a variety of genres to accent their mostly instrumental compositions. Even within a single song, listeners can find a blending of emo-adjacent melodies, stabbing chords reminiscent of post-hardcore, reverb-heavy leads that soar in traditional post-rock fashion, and even djent-based riffing. These seemingly divergent elements come together with a resounding cohesiveness, demonstrating both savvy songwriting technique and hard-earned artistic chemistry.

Website: weownthesky.bandcamp.com