Hometown: Wrocław, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland’s Walk Among Statues tread the “cinematic/atmospheric” waters of the post-rock realm with an understanding of the nuances of the formula and an eagerness to fold savvy, unexpected elements into the mix. They exhibit maturity and patience in their compositions, unafraid to take the time to assert themselves and say what they’ve come to say, knowing how to make their presence felt without ever overstating or understating. Their songs are slow-burning journeys to get lost in, gradually growing more and more muscular as they build toward finales, but unlike so many modern bands they aren’t beholden to the big climactic outburst, instead reveling in the consistent creation of tension. They are a band for which mood and balance are paramount, dark without being particularly heavy, unyielding yet possessing a certain tranquility, and ultimately very satisfying for listeners ready to relinquish expectations and let the music do its work.

Website: walkamongstatues.bandcamp.com