Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

The Budapest trio Tӧrzs take their name from Hungarian terminology that connects ideas which reference persistent evolution coupled with a coherence and continued clarity of conceptual vision. This motif assumes direct meaning on their third record Tükor, which sees them initiate a shift from the inclusion of vocals to an entirely instrumental approach. They retain their strong shoegaze-aligned roots while employing post-rock technique to explore chosen themes via texture, melody and atmospherics. There has been a blossoming trend of post-rock bands recording their material as full units rather than tracking individually, and time and again this process has proven successful. Tükor was recorded live at Aggteleki Cseppkőbarlang, located within a cave system in a Hungarian national park. The resulting songs ring with crisp clarity and voluminous depth, echoes reverberating radiantly and giving the album a distinct sense of place, a sonic imagery that can be easily conjured by the listener. It works because the compositions are strong, but it flourishes because it feels lived in, it exists as a breathing, evolving construction. This is part and parcel with Tӧrzs’ mission statement, to be in a perpetual state of growth and re-definition, to be true to exactly what they are in the moment and capture that as honestly as possible for listeners.

Website: torzs.bandcamp.com