Hometown: Sion, Switzerland

Approaching the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, Switzerland’s The Kompressor Experiment discovered the perfect way to follow their debut album while simultaneously paying tribute to a visionary and a film that have been indispensable in their own journeys as artists. The resulting work is their compelling re-imagining of 2001, a 65-minute exploration of science fiction, space, sound and fury that interprets tones and textures from the film through a lens of post-metal and prog-rock, assembling them into a unique reverie intended as a loose companion to the celebrated imagery held within Kubrick’s film.

The band has fearlessly pursued this ambitious vision with equanimity and an exacting attention to detail, seeking to explore concepts of intermingling their own original compositions with a distinguished and singular work of art. Adding to the challenge of taking on such visually striking cinema, 2001 is also a film often characterized by its powerful use of music, creating a scenario in which the band had to hold the original soundtrack in regard without treading in its considerable footprint. However, while the undertaking was undoubtedly formidable, it also proved transformational, allowing the band to explore a rich palette and utilize its vast possibilities to open their own approach to songwriting.