Hometown: Bozeman, Montana

To some, the word “ranges” itself possesses a workmanlike functionality, a general descriptiveness that skews away from terms and phrases that pop with sexiness. However, with catchiness comes pretense, and with pretense comes impermanence. Take a moment to consider the nuances inherent beneath the surface of the word “ranges:” awe-inspiring expanse, evocative landscapes, a hard-fought beauty that can only be expressed over time. Deceptively simple, RANGES proves the perfect moniker for this tirelessly-working post-rock band from Bozeman, Montana. Not only does their name provide listeners with a sense of place, quite literally the appropriate descriptive terminology for the region they call home, but also a glimpse into the ethics, aesthetics and sonic mission statement the band seeks to set forth. Working within a genre that eschews lyrical content for a richer and more textured approach to instrumental songwriting, RANGES traffics in the evocative, and their mission involves opening listeners’ minds to explore whatever narrative happens to most move them. Those familiar with the world of post-rock are well aware of the feeling that comes with staring into the eyes of nature while enveloped in sound and having those eyes stare back with a glisten heretofore unrealized. The beauty of the surrounding world is inevitably a driving force behind post-rock, and in that pursuit RANGES both crystallizes and pays homage to a crucial element of the art form’s basic fabric.

Website: www.rangesmusic.com