Hometown: Clinton, Connecticut

Living Phantoms is a most appropriate moniker for Will Benoit’s newest electronically-centered compositions. In one sense they are visages of what was once known in different context – the original corporeal forms being the 9 songs comprising The Fall, the first record from Benoit’s dreamy shoegaze/slowcore group SOM. But prismatically re-purposed through lenses of cinematic synthwave, dark electronic and ambient, these tracks breathe new life, vibrant and pulsing with an entirely different energy, standing on their own terms and delivering unique sonic statements. The Fall Redux is not merely a remix album, but a complete re-imagining of the compositional foundations, exploring the textural and emotional elements of each song and returning with a fresh aesthetic palette from which to work. Where SOM met fans somewhere between Deftones and Planning For Burial, Living Phantoms’ appeal draws from realms ranging anywhere from Jesu to John Carpenter. Darkness and melancholy play an integral role for Living Phantoms, but there is also a light bursting forth, a melodic backbone and an emotional core that locates inspiration within inherently downcast soundscapes.