Hometown: Sardinia, Italy

Lazybones Flame Kids are an Italian band equally formed around the traditions of instrumental-leaning post-rock and glory-days American emo. They are primarily instrumental but also narrate, scream and whisper as needed to drive listeners deeper into the heart of what it is that moves and inspires them. Having crafted their style in a DIY fashion to this point, they are now preparing to release their second LP and bring their brand of heart-swelling spirit and bittersweet reflection to a wider audience. This narrative feels best told through stylistic elements of post-rock and emo – genres that are known for deep and sometimes bittersweet introspection juxtaposed against inspiringly beautiful soundscapes. Those who find solace in music that embraces the duality of knowing sadness while gazing sanguine to what rises beyond the horizon will want to be mindful of this impending release.