Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston, MA duo It Was A Good Dream travels within a world of delicate textures, contemplative nuance and passionate outpour, a band that encompasses the aesthetics of traditional post-rock while embracing its ever-growing sonic palette. Listeners will find carefully-crafted, elegantly twinkling guitar melodies whose sweet siren sounds call forth crescendos that come crashing with dramatic impact; looking between the lines of these quintessentially post-rock soothe-and-swell moments, though, one discovers a variety of colorful shadings that make the songs on Help Me To Recollect stand uniquely atop their own peak. Touches of trembling synth, electronic percussion accentuations, the unexpected but wholly-welcome surge of saxophone in a key instance, all these elements combine to create a multi-layered listening experience that invites both pensive introspection and intense emotional release.