Hometown: Fribourg, Switzerland

Oftentimes as listeners we look to music to achieve a feeling of Sehnsucht, nostalgically yearning for an abstract experience that is not our own. Fribourg, Switzerland’s hubris. inherently present the ideal aural representation of hurtling through space, unburdened by corporeal form. There is a considerable depth and sense of limitlessness, a composure in building impactful melodies paired with a purposeful and propulsive focus on groove. Their music has a definitive, celestial aura about it, and succeeds at inspiring introspection as well as emotional and physical release. hubris. excel at taking nebulous atmospherics and giving them shape, definition, and emotional impact. They display the confidence of their convictions to allow ideas the proper time and space to develop, and their patience is as important to their success as their moments of dramatic crescendo. Their songs are all about ebb and flow, like the rise and fall of waves on the ocean, flowing back and forth between hypnotizing and overwhelming. Heading into their third album, hubris. are fully establishing themselves as artists with a distinctive vision, style and aesthetic that you recognize the moment you hear it.