Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Operating from within the welcoming confines of the self-coined descriptor “posi-djent,” Chicago’s HARM LESS appropriates a style known for aggressiveness and technique-worship and re-purposes it with warmth and a welcoming spirit. Beginning life as a tribute to multi-instrumentalist Bryan Kingsley’s father and dedicated to the path of moving forward through life with bright-eyed insistence and purpose, HARM LESS invites listeners to experience joy through volume. Eschewing the tropes often associated with musical endeavors centered around a single individual – myopic tones, limited scope, dominant instrumentation – the newest record, SAFE’S PACE possesses compositional richness and organic delivery that belie Kingsley’s unaccompanied performance. SAFE’S PACE is a record that grabs you, shakes you, but then offers a warm embrace. It’s the kind of heavy music that’s desperately needed for so many of us in 2019.

Website: harm-less.bandcamp.com