Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Music plays a special role in the lives of those who have chosen to devote their hearts and minds to it. It has the power to bring great joy to both those who create it and those who experience the results. It can also help to ease the pain of significant loss on both sides of the equation. There was a point at which it was uncertain whether Distant After would ever exist, following the tragic passing of Glories’ guitarist Zachary Cooner. In his wake, amongst numerous loved ones, were his three bandmates and creative brothers, left with the unimaginably heavy decision of how - or if - to proceed with the labor of love they had worked together to build. After a considerable time away from music, Dallas Kelley, Adam Blevins and Kyle Posten decided that pushing forward as a trio and continuing the Glories legacy would be the most fitting tribute to Zachary. The resulting writing sessions yielded Distant After, an inspiring collection of songs that engage directly with a widely ranging canvas of emotions, but most importantly a sense of uplift and triumph following melancholy and struggle. This is a rewardingly layered album that explores highs and lows and all the nuances that lay between, but taken as a fully realized work it is ultimately always moving toward a place of happiness even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.