Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In many ways, the Pittsburgh post-emo band Frame and Mantle are exactly what so many listeners need in an era of increasing uncertainty and struggle. Following their well-received EP While Our Fields Lie Fallow, they have reshaped their lineup and re-emerged with a record that explores the anxieties, self-doubts and frustrations that paint the experiences of an ever-increasing swath of the population while presenting a dynamic sonic tapestry that welcomes exuberance and hopefulness in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. On Lost Under Nighttime Sky, the band acknowledges the often too-relatable sensation of being adrift without a destination in sight, but reminds us that when we take the time to stare into the depths of the darkness that’s often when the universe reveals the most stunning and rewarding vistas. Lost Under Nighttime Sky has a dramatic, celestial quality that affords it a true sense of time and space. It sounds like twilight feels, where for a specific, finite period everything takes on a different shading, we perceive differently, and our senses are given an instant to find profundity in that which so often seems familiar and unremarkable. The core of Lost Under Nighttime Sky is that feeling of pulling through the deepest darkness and discovering that there is something inspiring on the other side.