Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia shoegaze duo crown of pity works within the realms of sadness, discontent and self-questioning that bands of the genre are wont to tread. But while it is the raw energy of punk rock that often spawns this music, that is also something that too often falls by the wayside in the finished product as textures replace volatility. crown of pity embraces that explosiveness on Just, and envelop their sound in a swirl of roaring guitars and aggressive synth percussion, taking cues from bands as wide-ranging as The Cure and Atari Teenage Riot. A strong melodic sensibility imbues the vocals with a catchiness that allows them to come to the forefront rather than falling to the back of the mix where so many shoegazers dwell. The hooks found on tracks like “Rather Be Nothing,” “Dirty Little Headaches” and “Perfect Moontan,” amongst others give crown of pity the kind of sound that demands to be heard on a wider scale.