Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The desire to experience emotion vicariously is what defines so much of our collective passion for the arts, and this is currently the central inspiration for Philadelphia-based artist Blush Cameron. We may not all be instantly familiar with the German term “Sehnsucht,” but we are universally aware of its impact. We feel it when we listen to a song, watch a movie, read a book or simply daydream; it’s the sensation of longing and nostalgia for a life that isn’t our own. Sadness, anger, joy, loss, betrayal, fulfillment: we borrow these feelings from art, and in a way, we use them to prepare ourselves for our own experiences. We imagine how we would react, how we would rejoice, how we would suffer, how we would heal. It’s an incredibly important foundation for many of us. Blush Cameron’s music is not only about experiencing this, but about considering how and why we experience this, and seeking to set this nebulous feeling to words and music. The sense of longing for the idea of something, of wanting to engage a feeling that may be outside of your current capacity, this is at the core of the musical experience for so many of us. The goal for Blush Cameron is to acknowledge that, to revel in music’s ability to inspire the exploration of feelings, to push us to step outside of ourselves. It’s easy to feel like we’re alone on this journey, but it’s the shared experience that gives it power. It gives an ambiguous world a precise purpose.