Hometown: Pune, India

Since their debut in 2014, Pune, India’s aswekeepsearching have embarked upon a consistent ascent toward being amongst the most unique and impactful post-rock bands in the world. Their trajectory is reflected in their album titles, starting with Khwaab (“Dream,” or, the first glimpses of their conceptual foundations) and Zia (“Light,” or, the moment at which they emerged to a wider audience spread over the world), and now their third release Rooh (“Soul”) sees the band looking inward, honoring their own roots and finding the connective tissues that bond us all regardless of our vastly different backgrounds. Sung entirely in their native tongue, Rooh distinguishes them as the only fully Hindi post-rock band, but even with this distinction the canvas they work from possesses a universal quality that ensures a deeply personal resonance with any listener taking the opportunity to delve into the touching compositions that comprise the record. The core of Rooh’s sonic mission is to find the place where the lifeblood of our shared existence can be experienced genuinely, where struggle and self-doubt, joy and kindness, emotion and empathy, everything that makes us what we are can come together comfortably as pieces of a puzzle that only makes sense once we see it as a whole. Regardless of where you come from, it’s a record that allows you to simply close your eyes, tune in and trust the path.