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RANGES - Live at Post. Festival 2019 [2xLP]

RANGES - Live at Post. Festival 2019 [2xLP]

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Live at Post. Festival 2019 by Ranges released August 7th, 2020, by A Thousand Arms Music, dunk!records and Post. Recordings.

180g White with Pink & Trans-Magenta Splatter vinyl (Sides A/B) and Trans-Magenta with White Splatter vinyl (Sides C/D) in reverse cardboard gatefold packaging. Includes screen-printed insert and digital download code.

Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Album artwork by L U X I N V I C T U S. Recorded live by Chuck Goodwin at the Irving Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 4th, 2019. Mixed and mastered by Chuck Goodwin.

European customers please order directly from dunk!records.

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Track Listing

1 - Decadence
2 - Demagogue 
3 - Babylon The Great, Pt. 3
4 - Idolator
5 - The Ascensionist 
6 - Avarice
7 - Tower
8 - Monarch
9 - Revelation