Screen-printing and music merchandising webstore featuring hand-printed apparel from bands from across the world. Vinyl, cassettes, CDs and other merchandise items also available.

Quotes for t-shirt printing will be provided upon request. The following information must be included in your email in order to receive an accurate quote:

• Quantity
• Brand
• Item Number
• Color
• Number of ink colors
• Number of locations
• Size of design
• Artwork

Please send all printing requests to printing@athousandarms.com after referring to the information outlined below.

We require a minimum order of 25 shirts, no exceptions. Price breaks occur at 50 and 150. The 25 shirts must be identical in ink color but shirt color/style can vary. Printing one design and switching ink colors or garment styles on an order of 50 will not qualify for the price break and will be counted as two individual orders of 25. We do not charge a setup fee for screens, as this cost is absorbed into our standard price per shirt, guaranteeing an accurate quote without any hidden fees.

The choices for apparel brands and styles are nearly endless, and while we encourage investigation in choosing something unique for your particular application, we realize that many clients simply want a basic t-shirt and we have provided examples of some of our favorite men’s and ladies’ variants across a range of price points.

Many other options are available through a variety of wholesale sites, listed below. Our recommended brand is Bella+Canvas for a great combination of quality, fit, and price, but others also have their advantages. Please note that prices listed on these sites are often priced for retail, and are not indicative of what we charge for printing. Please include the brand, item number, and color in your quote request for an accurate total.


Standard-size prints are limited to 11”x17” and allow up to 8 colors.
 - Add $1 per additional ink color or print location per shirt.

Large-format prints are limited to 15.5”x21.5” and allow up to 2 colors.
 - Add $2 for the larger format, plus $1 per additional ink color or print location per shirt.

Trucker Hats and Koozies limited to 2-colors.
 - Add $1 per additional ink color or print location.


Artwork must be sent in full-resolution, 300dpi+ raster images or as vector files in any format of your choosing. Files can be emailed directly or shared via your preferred file-sharing site.

Digital mockups will be provided upon request at no additional charge.

We guarantee a 2-week turnaround and delivery from the date payment is received. Delivered locally if in the Bozeman area or shipped worldwide.

Full payment is required up-front. We accept most forms of payment, please inquire in your quote request as to which method you prefer.

Any and all questions, along with quote requests can be sent via email to printing@athousandarms.com.


1912 Records
3 Rivers Horse Training
406 Brewing Company
Abelina Valley
Ag Trucks and Equipment
Ammunition Parker
Anderson Schools
Arkheron Thodol
As The Crow Flies
Bad Acid
Bieniek Pottery
Blackhammer Revival
Blood & Time
Bluebelly Junction
Bobby Frost
Bomb Snow
Boss Falcon
Bozeman Lodge #18
Bozeman Rock
Bozeman Youth Initiative
Brandner Design

Bridger Brewing Company
Burning Snow Studios
Cactus Records and Gifts
The Champion
Chrome Tattoo
Colonel Blacks
Cure for the Common
Dean’s Zesty Booch
Destroy the Map
Duradero Drums
Empty Bowls
Erosion Festival
Faultline North
Fluorescent Brown
Gallatin Clothing Company
Gallatin Roller Girlz
Golden Grenade
Good Design Collective
The Good Rats

Gravity Guild Garage
Hard Times Tattoo
Hatch Fest
Hopeless Jack & The Handsome Devil
The Hawthorne Roots
Hunga Dunga Brewing Company
I Am The Ocean
I’m Caroline
The Killer in Me
The Kitchen Dwellers
Laney Lou and the Birddogs
Live From the Divide
Living Bozeman
Long Live the Smoking Gun
The Low Country Studio
Mahem Motorsports
Medium-Size Monster

Melotov Records
Montana Enduro Series
Montana Music Network
Montana State University
A Midnight Drive
Missy O’Malley
Modern Sons
The Monolith Collective
Montucky Cold Snacks
MSU Ceramics Guild
Music Villa
National Metal Day
Northern Seeds
The Nutty Montanan
Olivia Nouveau
One Louder

Our City Skyline
Paddlers First
Panther Car
Paper Robot
Peach Street Studios
Pink Spurs
Pinky and the Floyd
Ragnar Relays
RedBrain Media
Red Haze
Riddles Jewelry
River Runs Red
Rock Ridge Kitchen
Roost Fried Chicken
Rose Gold
Royal 7
Sacred Images
The Salamanders
S.L.A.M. Festivals
Snake Canyon

Snow Day Video Games
The SUB Underground
Sunny Acres Studio
Sweetgrass Productions
Three Rivers Horse Training
Triangle Ag
Tribe Kayaks
The Valhalla Collective
VEGA Creations
Vigilante Swing
Ward Ko Clothing
The Wench
This Word is Weapon
World Boards
The Yellowstone Club
Yellowstone Village Inn
The Zebra Cocktail Lounge
Zoo Gym