With this week’s edition of #throwbackthursday we are tossing it all the way back to June 2018 when Ranges began the writing process for their new album ‘Babel’. Following their recording session down in El Paso, Texas in March and April, the band started rolling out weekly video teasers of behind the scenes footage. These videos documented the writing process of ‘Babel’ and the recording process with Chris Common. If you happened to miss any of these videos you can check out the full video playlist over on the band’s YouTube channel.

Pre-orders for ‘Babel’ begin Monday, September 9th.

In case you missed it, Ranges released the second single from ‘Babel’ yesterday via Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Both their first single ‘Avarice’ and the second single ‘Demagogue’ are available on Spotify as well. Please be sure to follow the band on Spotify to automatically get notified of new releases.

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