Post. Festival announced their time schedules for this year’s edition and they have proven once again that if post-rock is your jam you simply cannot miss this weekend. The festival kicks off on Friday, October 4th, at The Irving Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana with Chilean band Baikonur who will be the first international band to grace the Post. Festival stage. Friday night only gets better from there with Au Revoir, Shy, Low, Moira, Pray For Sound, Lowercase Noises and then, closing out the night, Ranges.

Click the image to get your tickets today!

Click the image to get your tickets today!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Post. Festival has provided you with an exceptional Saturday lineup. The first wave of bands include Doktra, Girih, Circus Trees, and Hotel Neon. One the vibe has been set for the last day of the festival SOM, Driving Slow Motion, Wander, and The Life And Times hit the stage to set up what might be the best set of closing bands one could ask for. Spotlights, I/O, Holy Fawn, The End Of The Ocean, and O’Brother finish things off and we’re not sure it could hit any harder.

This is certainly a can’t miss event and if you are still on the fence about attending it is time to get off that fence and grab your tickets.

Be sure to take a listen to the official Post. Festival Playlist over on Spotify.

See you in October!