Artwork by Error! Design

dunk!USA is an American post-rock music festival founded by the creators of dunk!festival in Belgium and co-organized by A Thousand Arms.   The festival mimics the European edition's ethos that is driven by a deep passion for instrumentally focused music, hard-work, and the desire to showcase bands of all platitudes in an effort to bring great entertainment to the dedicated fanbase of the genre.  High quality sound, state of the art light shows, and an overall professional presentation are key components to both dunk!festival and dunk!USA. 

The inaugural edition of dunk!USA took place at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont, on October 7th and 8th, 2017, and featured bands from all across the United States as well as Europe and China.  dunk!USA was headlined by genre mainstays Russian Circles and Pelican and also featured performances by Junius, Emma Ruth Rundle, Astronoid, Arms and Sleepers, Tides of Man, This Patch Of Sky, The End Of The Ocean, thisquietarmy, Set and Setting, Unconditional Arms, Ranges, Au Revoir, Coastlands, Of The Vine, Zhaoze, Appalaches, KYOTY, The Eye Of Time and Sad Turtle.  The festival spanned two days with bands playing in the Higher Ground's Ballroom and Showcase Lounge.

dunk!festival originated in Belgium in 2005 and has grown into one of Europe's finest and most anticipated post-rock festivals.  The yearly edition of dunk!festival happens every May in Zottegem, Belgium.

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